West Field Directors: A-G Lifestyle Project

Cody Stokes

Cody Stokes is a director, editor, and cinematographer with nearly a decade of experience working around the globe in both the commercial and film industries. With a style that is cinematic in scope and intimate in nature, Cody is able to find the emotional core at the heart of any story, bringing it to life in a unique and touching way.  He’s worked with companies such as BMW, Nike SB, Microsoft, American Express, and Yahoo!.


The Powers Brothers approach to commercial work is unlike anything else in the industry. Completely symbiotic, brothers Jim and Steve have forged an inimitable process that allows both the image AND the story to each receive the director's full attention, without sacrificing any symmetry. A luxury only possible through a lifetime of collaboration. Characterized by the depth of their unaffected visual style, the Powers Brothers tackle each project with their deep technical cinematography background and unique talent of personal storytelling. They founded West Field, a production company named after the farm where they shot their first films as kids, with the intention to create an unburdened, unified front of production, director and client, where the only focus is on creating the best story possible.  They have directed work for Yahoo!, ESPN, NBC and Kangol.