Welcome to West Field.

West Field Production Co. is a cinematic production house specializing in all things creative.

We love a good story and a gorgeous image, and we make it our job in life to fill our projects with just that.


Jim Powers

Director + Cinematographer

Lifelong camera junkie and award-winning cinematographer, Jim forms the first half of the Powers Brothers directing team. Jim began shooting in the womb and has since worked on blockbuster features and network television. Jim’s innate sense of framing paired with his technical expertise defines the “West Field Look.”


Steve Powers

Director + Producer

As the other half of the Powers Brothers duo (some might say he’s the 1st half, but whatever), Steve works with the actors to create a nuanced and comprehensive performance that defines the narrative of each scene. His passion for stories started young, making movies in the “west field” by their house with his brother. Those early experiences remain the driving force of West Field's vision today.


John Stegemann

Art Director + Producer

John has been alongside West Field since the earliest days. From production design to prop and display builds with his company Dreammatic, or commercial highlights to nature documentary production, he works side by side with the Powers Brothers to create fully realized projects.